Flyers – how important are they?

When we talk about important events for instance music concerts, sales, birthday parties, or educational conferences the most important thing that you have to do is to let the people know about it. While using other forms of advertising about your events like billboards and banners can let know a lot of people about it but firstly, this type of advertising is quite expensive and this method is also used to promote big events.

For mediocre or small sized events, the best kind of promotions and making people aware can be easily done with the help of flyers. It is a fact that social media is used to promote a lot of events but it is also important to make use of the tried and tested techniques which have been used for centuries such as flyers.

How important and useful is flyer advertising to promote an event?

Let us now understand how important is flyer advertising in order to promote an event and in making people aware of the event:

1. Flyers have the power to reach the audience

Flyers provide a way as well as a platform of reaching the audience in many ways, for example, inserting them in newspapers, on peoples doorsteps, distributing them at popular stores and supermarkets, on famous streets as well as attaching them on the cars of people.

2. Flyer designs enable creativity

If you wish to promote your event through the help of flyers, there is so much creativity that you can put in them by creating a professional flyer design. Not only will you want to make your flyer look absolutely great, but you can also include in your message. Flyers are of A4 or A5 size mostly and you can put in a lot of messages in them.

3. Flyers are tangible

The biggest advantage of flyer advertising is the fact that when people are literally holding your flyer in their hands, it’s a fact that you have been successful in promoting half of your message to them. It is not obvious that they will put a glance at your flyer.

In such cases, it is extremely important that the design and the wordings on your flyer should be attractive, eye catchy and engaging enough for the people to read the whole thing. You must make sure that the print quality is good and that the message is easy to read.

4. Flyers can hold a lot of information

Apart from just promoting your event and letting people know of its details, you can also include other information in them. For instance, information regarding coupon codes, vouchers and special gifts. This is a great way to arouse interest among people and will create a lot of awareness among people. You can also evaluate a marketing strategy such as giving a 15 percent discount to the first 15 people.

5. With flyers, you can evaluate how successful was your event

Assuming that flyers were the only way of promotion that you used to create awareness for your event, you can easily judge how successful were the flyers for your event. Initially, with a creative flyer and with upcoming success, you can always upgrade your flyer design for the next time. You can learn a lot for your future such as adding the URL and QR codes in order to find out how successful were your flyers.


Flyers are an important part of the promotion of an event. Without flyers, you will have to go for other expensive and risky ways as compared to if you promote with flyers.

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