When you think about a brand the first thing came in your mind is a logo. A logo is evitable part of any business. It is the face of a brand and people recognize brands by its logos. For example, the swoosh represents Nick and Golden Arches represents MacDonald.

There are a lot of DIY logo design web and desktop applications and Canva is one of them.  Canva is a graphic design application used to create poster, flyers, social media designs and logos. It is mostly used by non-designers to create their graphics.

Most of the emerging entrepreneurs, Bloggers and Small Business owners like you want to create their logos and considering canva for it. I have compiled the list of advantages and disadvantages of a logo designed in canva so you have better knowledge about it and help you to decide whether you go with it or not.



Let’s begin with the bad news first.

1. Logos are not exclusive.

There are a lot of logo templates available on canva that you can choose from. But the bad part about it is that these templates are available to all canva users. Canva has 4 million active users and there are only 1270+ logo templates.

SERP Screenshot

So there are chances that your logo is not exclusive to you and someone has the exact same logo as you from canva because he/she is using the same logo templates.

It hurts your brand because the logo is the identity of your brand so when you don’t have an exclusive logo, your brand loose the trust.

2. Cannot be trademarked

If you design your logo using canva, you cannot get it trademarked. It is because canva owns the logo and its copyrights and you are only allowed to use it for personal purposes.

You cannot resell, copyright or trademark any logo created in canva because canva has already done it so, and that is available and can be utilized by any canva user. You can trademark a logo if you 100% modified it or created it from scratch and it is impossible to any non-designer that don’t have any experience in the design industry. So it is nearly impossible.

3. Not responsive

A logo created in canva is not responsive because it is created in raster format instead of vector. In raster format, the design can only be scaled at the limited size and if the size increased beyond the limits the design will be pixelated and blurred. Whereas in vector format the design can be scaleable to any possible size from 2×2 inches to 2M x 2M inches.

So the logo created in canva can be only used in flyers or in social media designs and posters. But if you want to use your logo on a billboard or any large format banner or either at your shop sign or on an event backdrop you have to find a professional designer to recreate your logo in vector format to use at these things.

4. Too basic/generic logos

The logo templates that are available on canva are too basic and generic because you have seen these logos a lot of time before but for other brands. As I already stated above that canva has 4 million users whereas it has only 1270+ logo templates yet so you can do math by yourself and can know that a single logo template is divided to how many peoples.

So with a generic logo, it is impossible for you to establish your brand in the industry. In this way, your logo going to the opposite direction than to differentiate you from others in the industry and kills your brand. And who want to dig their own grave? Do you??

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5. No source file

Do you know what source file actually is? I don’t think so. Let me explain. A source file is a file that contains the original design that you can use to edit and modify the actual design by yourself using the required software or by hiring a professional designer.

In today’s world, most of the logos created in Adobe Illustrator that is professional software to create logo and its source file is mostly in ai, eps or in SVG format. But in canva, it is clearly stated canva doesn’t yet support exporting in any vector formats.



Here is the good news.

1. Free to create

If you are a newbie and just started or want to start your business now then It is a good fit for you because you don’t have to pay a penny to start using canva. Whereas if you hire a professional designer it would cost you from $150 to $1500 and sometime more than this to create your logo that would disturb your budget.

BTW, Canva has a pro plan that has a monthly subscription fee of $12.95 in which they offer more features. But I suggest you give it a try using its free service and if you are satisfied with it then go with its pro plan.

2. Easy to use

Canva is very popular due to its user interface. It’s extremely simple to use and its drag and drop editor is very helpful in creating the designs easily and it made the design process smooth and convenient.

Whereas the other design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are bit complex and you need to have proper training or knowledge about them to create the graphics. So canva is good for you if you are new to designing.

3. It’s fast

Have you worked with any graphic designer before?  Have you hired a design agency or have worked with a freelancer??  If yes then you have noticed then they take time. A freelancer completes a project within 3 to 4 days whereas the design agencies take up to 1 or 2 weeks.

But in canva, you don’t have to wait to get your initial design. If you have a clear image in your mind that what are you looking for and how your logo will be then it only takes around 20 to 40 minutes to create what you are exactly looking for.

4. No experience required

Canva is basically designed for non-designer people that are not tech or design enthusiasts. Whereas other design tools are very complex and you must have the experience to use these tools and create designs.

But you don’t need any design experience to create a beautiful logo design on canva. Because it is extremely simple and easy to use than Microsoft paint. Also, it has a design school where they have tutorials and courses that you can get help from if you stuck somewhere using canva.

5. Premade templates

The best thing about canva as compared to Adobe products is it offers premade templates. And this is a plus point of canva that you don’t have to create your logo from scratch whereas you can utilize their premade logo templates to create your logo.

It saves your time and gets you more design options to select the logo that you like most whereas if you hire a professional design it only provides you from 2 to 4 initial concepts to choose from.


Now you have read the advantages and disadvantages of a logo created in canva so it very clear to you that whether it is good for you to create your logo using canva or you have to hire a professional designer.

Let me know if I have missed anything and share your thoughts about it.

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